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It is that time of the year again where the holiday season is upon us. It is time to kick back and chill in some comfy warm clothes and some hot chocolate. Some things we have planned to kick off this month!

New Boss - SmallMamaGladiator

This new boss will take place in a brand new dungeon in the RPG world.


MCMMO has been added to added to the server

Unarmed and Fishing have been disabled

Changes to Spawn:

Over the next coming days you’ll see some more holiday type changes occur to /Spawn

Monthly voting rewards -

For those who achieve more than 120 votes this month will receive a reward

Reward TBA

Ranking system - 

There will be more ways to spend your in-game currency. Ranks with perks and a prefix associated with them.

6 PM EST Release

Fistflame1 posted Nov 24, 17

The release will be as close to 6 PM EST as I can make it. Currently running a quick fix that may take slightly longer to function than 6 PM. But it will be close.

The server's RPG world will release at 6 PM EST today!

To celebrate this, we have a 25% sale going on in the shop from now until December 3rd!

Hope to see all of you on the server soon! We have lots more in store for you!

yeah probably whoops
Well, I suppose we should get things ready to judge this towny comp haha
What are we counting down?
8 days?
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