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Thank you to everyone who participated. The votes were cast, excluding potentially biased votes (i.e. Winteret could not vote for Hiraeth) and a third party voter was brought in as an extra voter.

The winners are as follows:

First place: Hiraeth

Second place: Hyperion

Third place: Birchwood

Honorable Mentions

Infinite- The only other town to apply

All rewards will be given out in the near future. We hope to have more unique and competitive competitions in the upcoming months. Thank you once more, for all the participants.

Hey yo SavageRealmians, *WIP*

I am pleased to announce our very first competition with many more to come in the future. This competition will be centered around a winter theme (Hot coffee, warm fires, snow) things like that. The competition will go on from now until the end of the month where it will be judged to decide 3 winners. 

How do I apply?

Create a thread under the towny section of the forums with information about your town.

What are the prizes?

1st place:

$40,000 deposited into your town bank

30 extra plot claims

$25 voucher given to the mayor

A portal at spawn leading to your town


2nd place:

$25,000 deposited into your town bank

20 extra plot claims

$15 voucher given to the mayor


3rd place:

$15,000 deposited into your town bank

15 extra plot claims


In other news, Fist has been working very hard on reworking the entire loot system so expect to see that in game soon. 


Fistflame1 I just want to add that warm places still have winter too :d Get creative with it
KamiLeonE Can my town be a summer entry as it's summer in Australia? Plus my biome would look crap if I tried to make it wint...

Happy Holidays!

Fistflame1 posted Dec 24, 17

To celebrate the Holiday season, we will be having a 30% off sale on all ranks located in the store starting on the 25th and ending on the 1st of January!

We hope everybody has/is having a nice safe holiday! If you haven't already noticed; with the switch to the new host we have had no issues with crashing, which was the goal. We have been working on a few new things which will most likely not come to light until January, but in the near future expect a few things from us:


You may have seen a little discussion thread a while back on bringing classes back. Well, BigPapaNinja has made the effort to get those working. In the near future, we will have the three classes: Paladin, Gladiator, and Marksman available for play. These will be our starting basic classes and we will add more in the future. Of course with these classes comes the removal of items such as pounce, haste, healing bow, etc... So be prepared for those items to lose functionality.


We are in the process of changing loot and how it works. Loot will now be ranked in terms of 5 levels of rarity. Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical (reserved for very special loot). All the items currently in the game (warhammer, dualblade, shortsword, etc...) will be receiving multiple different forms in terms of enchants and names and will have the potential to be dropped by ALL bosses. This drop table rework will take quite some time, but I would expect this or a nearly completed version of this around the time of the class release.


Nation Sieges are something suggested by OrbitaI and were briefly discussed in a thread. This will be a fun way for nations to compete for prizes and to show off their stuff. Expect more details on this upon release of classes as well.

In game currency purchasable ranks:

This is something we hope will be ready to release this month, though circumstances have turned our attention to other things. These will be ranks with special priveleges that you can purchase with in game currency. Kits, warps, prefixes, commands and cosmetics will be available through these ranks. It's something we are very excited about and hoped you guys will enjoy them.


We plan to release future quests and dungeons in chunks of 5. Rocket and Winteret are working very hard to bring some of these to life and we will have some new dungeons (without parkour, mazes or incredibly time consuming running) for you all in the near future as well. 

Lots of fun stuff coming and lots of refining of things we already have in play. Thank you all for your continued support and we hope to have some awesome things out for you in the near future!

Happy Holidays!

eatcrapordie Awesome stuff man, love what you guys are doing, will donate for sure soon :)
Whoops it turned it into a link - for anyone who doesn't want to click on my rat I meant to type savage-realms ... net :p
Why does the [link] ip bring me to a skywars server? O.o
So the server died and is offline eh?
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