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Towny Competition Winners!

By Fistflame1 - Posted Mar 2, 18

Thank you to everyone who participated. The votes were cast, excluding potentially biased votes (i.e. Winteret could not vote for Hiraeth) and a third party voter was brought in as an extra voter.

The winners are as follows:

First place: Hiraeth

Second place: Hyperion

Third place: Birchwood

Honorable Mentions

Infinite- The only other town to apply

All rewards will be given out in the near future. We hope to have more unique and competitive competitions in the upcoming months. Thank you once more, for all the participants.

Whoops it turned it into a link - for anyone who doesn't want to click on my rat I meant to type savage-realms ... net :p
Why does the [link] ip bring me to a skywars server? O.o
So the server died and is offline eh?
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